Our firm cooperates also with a certified auditor. The Accounting Office is an auditing entity authorised to audit financial statements.

Since 2003 the firm has audited or participated in auditing financial statements of business entities operating in many economic sectors and of various organisational forms, i. a. capital companies, listed companies, publishing houses, associations, chambers of commerce and institutions subsidized by the State Budget.

In cooperation with Fkwadrat the certified auditor deals with:

  • making financial statements and reports
  • checking up and auditing annual financial statements, also on the basis of IAS/IFRS
  • auditing and checking up mid-year financial statements
  • auditing projects co-financed from the EU funds
  • auditing the EU funds
  • auditing consolidation packages
  • auditing plans of transformations, mergers and divisions of companies
  • due diligence financial checking up